Picture, picture on the wall is the fairest thing of all.

If you walk through a Staged House in Maryland, you should see neutral pictures on the walls.

But I often walk through an open house or work with a seller that has personal pictures or no pictures on the walls!

Besides bedding and pillows, what makes up much of my staging inventory…pictures, wall hangings and mirrors. Why? Because in my staging consults I’ve noticed that many homes either have family pictures on the wall or nothing at all.

Houses just look drab and uninviting without something on the walls.

I understand that when you live in your home you want your family and memories surrounding you, but when it is time to market your house, those items need to be replaced with a more neutral wall hanging.

Other homes just have nothing on the walls.  I recently spoke with a girlfriend who said,

Empty Wallspace

“My dining room is painted, I have the picture, but I just can’t get my husband to hang the picture.  I think he is afraid of putting a nail into his nicely painted wall.”

Perhaps her husband just isn’t sure how high to hang the picture (the center of the picture at a woman’s eye level) or worried it will be hung incorrectly.

Despite the reasoning, houses just look drab and uninviting without something on the walls.

Neutral wall hangings are the best for selling a home.  These can be in the form of metal designs, nature or art with graphics.  I also love using mirrors in dining rooms and hallways to reflect additional light or something interesting on the other side of the room.

Wall hangings not only make a home feel warmer, but they also provide height for the room.  It draws the eyes up and can be a nice balance, in the room, to the height of a window or bookcase.

One more thing, be sure to use a wall hanging with a correct scale to the size of the wall.  Look in the before picture above.  Do you see the little picture to the left of the window.  This would NOT be an example of the correct scale!

So, what do you see in pictures as you have toured the houses in your area?

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