Susan helped redesign our large family room area.  She suggested a few accessories, but she mostly reconfigured what I already had.  I never would have thought of putting my couch on a diagonal.  She said this used more of the empty space between the living and eating areas.  I love it!  The living area is more open and welcoming.  She also helped me clear off my cluttered mantel and made it shine with a few select items.

Susan Q.

Susan Kirk helped me with our color scheme when we renovated and created an open concept for our kitchen and living room.  We were working with a contractor at the time and he informed us that we need to pick paint colors soon.  I was panicking because it usually takes me about 6 months to finalize paint colors and I only had a few days to decide.  I called Susan and she said we should first look at curtain fabric, to which I really panicked because it usually takes me even longer to pick curtains than to pick paint colors.  But I trusted her and we found curtain fabric that afternoon.  Susan used the fabric as a starting point for choosing the paint color which made that decision was so much simpler.   I was thrilled that I met the contractor’s timeline with Susan’s help.  After construction was complete, Susan helped me pull together other accents, gave suggestions for furniture layout and now the room looks fabulous!  Susan’s advice truly helped me make the room warm, beautiful and inviting and we’ve received many compliments on it.  Thank you Susan!

Patty B.

Susan Kirk’s bright ideas, knowledge of interior design treands and passion for her work made her the perfect Stager for our home.  She quickly suggested colors and focal points that we had never dreamed of — and they worked.  She often used what we had on hand, but changed the layout or purpose.  Most importantly, she is nonjudgmental and supportive and made us feel like a team with a really fun goal and a compelling leader.  Our home never looked better and sold in six weeks.  We were sad to leave.

Virginia D.

Susan is a pleasure to work with.  Because of her advice and help, we were able to sell our home the first weekend it was on the market – with three offers to choose from.  This was in 2010 when the market was terrible and I attribute it to the excellent job she did to help us prior to the listing and staging of our home.

I first contacted Susan about two months prior to putting the house on the market.  She came over and suggested what we needed to do to get it ready for listing:  removing clutter, fixing items, changing wall colors, what to move into storage, etc.  When it came closer to listing the house, she staged the house with a beautiful collection of items and rearrange my rooms.  My kids playroom disappeared and became a beautiful home office.  My original office area became a workout room (who knew!) and the kitchen cleaned up and had fruit and wine.  Our bedroom looked like an oasis with matching towels in the master bath.

Since moving, she has helped redecorate our new home.  She understands my tastes and my needs and helps in anyway she can.  I am happy to recommend her to anyone and feel she can help with any situation

Julie A.

Thank you so much for all your guidance and expertise in staging our condo. Everyone who saw the condo wanted to rent it – which is a HUGE change from the last time we were showing it. After only one week, we were able to pick which renter we wanted out of 3, with even more people interested. Last time our condo sat vacant for 6 months. I know staging made the difference.

Chrystina G.

Staging made the difference in getting our house SOLD! Thank you, Susan!

Anna V