Susan Kirk helped me with our color scheme when we renovated and created an open concept for our kitchen and living room.  We were working with a contractor at the time and he informed us that we need to pick paint colors soon.  I was panicking because it usually takes me about 6 months to finalize paint colors and I only had a few days to decide.  I called Susan and she said we should first look at curtain fabric, to which I really panicked because it usually takes me even longer to pick curtains than to pick paint colors.  But I trusted her and we found curtain fabric that afternoon.  Susan used the fabric as a starting point for choosing the paint color which made that decision was so much simpler.   I was thrilled that I met the contractor’s timeline with Susan’s help.  After construction was complete, Susan helped me pull together other accents, gave suggestions for furniture layout and now the room looks fabulous!  Susan’s advice truly helped me make the room warm, beautiful and inviting and we’ve received many compliments on it.  Thank you Susan!

Patty B.